Harry Rafferty


Ovale 160



Years Competing


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Harry has been riding for around 18 months, starting on a 10TEN 90 semi auto but quickly upgraded to a CW 140. Scouted by Pit Bike Racing, Harry rode a Symoto 140 for the team. Sadly he broke his arm and fingers in round 1 at Teesside, earning him the title of “Harry the Hazzard”. With injury stopping him from competing in a full championship season, he ended up wildcarding between Nora and BMB. Santa kindly delivered Harry an Ovale 160 last year, with a message instructing him to "buckle in for the BMB Championship this year!". Harry is most happy when he's in the pits, telling everyone stories of his racing journey, love of steak, wild party’s and wearing in my new size 6’s! IN his own words "Bring it on!"