2024 Season Round 1 - Three Sisters entry now open

It's here! The start of the 2024 British Supermoto Season is almost upon us and our first round of the year will be over the Easter Weekend at Three Sisters Wigan, Friday to Sunday. We'll be live on TNL Sports again with all eight rounds broadcast live on YouTube (link below). This year also marks a new era for British Supermoto as we welcome e-bikes to the grid in the form of the Stark Varg!

SCHEDULE Friday will be an official Test day & Track day similar to the usual pre-season warm up. This will include timed practice and practice races. The cost is only £75.00 so will gives lots of opportunity for getting dialled in ahead of the two days racing. With a Superlite double header in place over the race weekend Saturday in particular will be very busy with short sessions so we recommend everyone to use the Test day to help get dialed in. Sunday morning is practive and qualifying before racing starts from 12!

Please use the link to register -> https://nora92.com/event/norasport-bssc-24-r1/ If you want to pay your entry by cash on the day use the event registration fee option at £15 which is deducted from your final amount.

**LICENCES ** To compete in NoraSport meetings the minimum requirement is a NoraSport licence which you can get here https://nora92.com/product/norasport-supermoto-licence-membership-2024/ For 2024 it is now a mandatory insurance requirement to show your licence or one event licence when signing on so at least take a picture and keep it on your phone to make sure you can ride.

JOKERS Each rider is given a joker to play before any round in the season. Once played riders score double championship points for that round. You must submit your joker before 7pm the night before Race Day One (Saturday).

**TRANSPONDERS ** We use AMB MX (orange) transponders and no other transponders will work with our timing system. You can hire them from us for £20 a meeting but there is no guarantee if they fail mid race. Lost replacements cost £80. We strongly suggest everyone who is going to compete in at least 4 rounds to buy your own transponder which will save you money AND give you full access to all your individual lap times & race data via the MyLaps timing app. There are many places to get them from but the easiest route is direct from Mylaps themselves - https://speedhiveshop.mylaps.com/tr2-mx-transponder.html

2024 RULE CHANGES & ADDITIONS The complete race regulations will be available on this website before the first round but here are the major change;

  • Tyre Warmers are allowed in the holding bay for Superpole but no returning to the paddock & the bike that completes the session must be used for Superpole. Superpole will commence 5 minutes from the chequered flag being shown in the final qualifying.
  • Riders must qualify in their respective groups – Elite – Clubman – Novice
  • A 250 British Champion trophy will be awarded to the highest placed 250 in the overall British Championship for 2024.
  • Numbers must be displayed legibly and there must be no duplicate numbers.

NUMBERS For 2024 we are firming up on our stance on numbers. Every rider must have their own distinct & individual number. The front board in particular must be easily readable from trackside.

As always please email us if you need help info@britishsupermotochampionship.com

Looking forward to seeing you all there!